The Information Technology International Seminar (ITIS) will be held on Surabaya, Indonesia. The conference was initiated on April 14, 2009 , organized by Informatics Department & International Dual Degree Program (IDDP) Faculty of Industrial Engineering University of Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) “Veteran” Jawa Timur. Since 2016, ITIS was included in International Conference on Science and Technology (IJCST).

If you interested in accessing IJCST papers (including ICSS and ICST), please acces the following links:
1. The 1st ITIS includes in IJCST 2016
2. The 2nd ITIS includes in IJCST 2017
3. The 3rd ITIS includes in ICST 2018
4. The 4th ITIS includes in ICSS 2018
5. The 5th ITIS includes in ICSS 2019
6. The 6th ITIS Technically support by IEEE CAS/RAS Indonesian Section and published by IEEEXplore

Since The 6th ITIS, this conference will be technically sponsored by IEEE CAS/RAS. The technical program will feature the presentation of contributed and invited papers, focusing on innovation of information technology.  The aim of the conference is to stimulate interaction and convergent among researchers active in the areas of Technology, Informatics, and Information Systems.