The 7th Information Technology International Seminar (ITIS) 2021  covers the latest advances in information technology to be held on October 06 Р08, 2021 in Surabaya, Indonesia. The conference is technically sponsored by the IEEE Indonesia Control System Society (CSS) / Robotics and Automation Society (RA) Joint Chapter.  The ultimate aim is to stimulate research that will lead to the creation and development of information technology. The conference seeks original contributions in all relevant areas, including but not limited to:

Track: Information Systems

Data Mining; Business / E-Commerce; E-Government; Enterprise Architecture Design and Management; E-Health; Geographic Information System (GIS); Human-Computer Interaction; Human-Computer Behavior; Information Security and Risk Management; IS / IT Strategic Planning; IT Governance; IT Project Management; Social Media in Business; Big Data Research; New Technology Acceptance and Diffusion; Green Information System; Machine Learning Software Engineering, Semantics and Ontologies Wireless and Sensor Systems Service-based Systems for Enterprise Activities Planning, and Networking Cloud Computing: Services, Storage, Security and Privacy Intelligent and Collaborative Systems for e-Health Mobile Networking and Application

Track: Informatics 

Soft computing, Ubiquitous computing, Distributed/decentralized intelligent, Fuzzy systems, AI and expert systems, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Wearable computers, Information systems and retrieval, Knowledge engineering, Signal/Image and multimedia processing, Software-enabled control, Real-time operating systems, Architecture for autonomous systems, Software engineering for real-time systems, Real-time data communications, Context-aware computing, Integrated information and automation, Architecture and Topology, Multi-resolution Techniques; Information Retrieval; Artificial Neural Networks; Knowledge based Networks; Fuzzy Systems and Applications; Evolutionary Algorithms Genetic Algorithm; Evolution Strategies; Genetic Programming and Evolutionary Programming; Computer Vision and Image Analysis; Intelligent Image, Signal, and Speech Processing; Information Systems; Mobile Computing; Multimedia Applications; Natural Languages Processing; Parallel and Distributed Computing; Performance Evaluation; Programming Languages; Re-Configurable Computational Systems; Security & Cryptography; Software Engineering & CASE; Algorithms; Computational Intelligence; Automated Software Engineering; Bioinformatics; Architecture and Embedded Systems; Computer Games; Graphics & Virtual Reality; Computer Modeling; Computer Networks and Security; Computer Vision; Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing; Computing Ethics; Data Communications, Compression and Encryption

Track: Engineering

Advancement of Knowledge Engineering Science; Agricultural Engineering; Automotive Engineering; Bio-Medical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Communication Engineering; Computer Engineering; Control System Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Food Engineering; Geomatic Engineering; Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Interdisciplinary Engineering; Marine Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering; Space Science and Space Engineering; Information, Computer, and Communication Technology (ICT); Advancement of ICT Knowledge; Artificial Intelligence; Communication; Computation Theory and Mathematics Data; Database Technology; Educational Technology; Emergent Information Technology; ICT Applications; ICT Infrastructure; ICT Police and Social Impact; Information Systems; Multimedia Security Systems; Signal Processing; Software; Software Engineering and Web Technology.

Track: Technology

Energy Technology; Engineering Materials; Nanotechnology; Process Technology; Resource-Based Technology; Water Technology; Environment Technology; Bio and Nature-inspired Technology; Vehicular Technology; Industrial Technology; Communication Technology; Multimedia Technology; Mobile Technology; Transportation Technology; Unmanned Systems; Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

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